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My good friend, the Yeti, was telling me the other day in the pub about one of his presents on his 5th birthday. It was a story book. A rather moral story book.

I'm sure you've heard of Struwwelpeter. I had... vaguely... He apparently looks like a welsh friend of mine! :) You see?

So he sat in the pub and told us all about how if you suck your thumb, the red-legged scissorman would come along and cut your thumbs off! Look at the pictures! And tell me that wouldn't give you nightmares...

Then he told me about The Dreadful Story of Pauline and the Matches. Who set herself on fire and ended up as a bundle of ashes - well I'm bloody sure I'm never trying to light a fire again!

Fair enough... for such a story to exist. But for a child to recieve this BOOK OF HORRORS for his 5th birthday?

From now on I will stop complaining that my mum told me about the man that lived in the boiler and the woman that lived in the phone...

(The man that lived in the boiler got a nudge in the back when you switched the water heater on. He then got out his candle and held it up to the water to heat it. He was tiny and he had a tiny little book to read. It was a long book so he'd never finish it. The woman in the phone would tell you the time if you asked her nicely and put in her favourite number. She too was very small. She lay in the handset with her head at the top and her feet at the bottom. She was very comfortable in there.)

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