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Big Elvis!

I thought I'd blog about one of the higlights of our recent trip to VEGAS! Not a story... but I feel I have to mention it.

I wanted to see an Elvis impersonator. I think we felt it really was an essential part of the holiday. So when we passed a sign on the side of the Barbary Coast advertising "Big Elvis"... Well, hey! We were THERE!

Wednesday arrived and we had our expectations of Big Elvis. So long as he was Big in some way and Elvis in some way and so long as there was alcohol, slots and a bit of "a humma humma" then by god we'd be impressed.

I was never really an Elvis fan... not until my friend, Miss Honey, and I started driving round the scottish countryside looking for castles and stone circles and the like("gallivanting") with Elvis as our soundtrack. And of course it was wee skinny Elvis...

But now! Now that Miss Honey and I have grown in our Elvis learnings, I have to say that there's nothing better than good old 1970's Big Fat Dead On the Toilet Elvis! So I was hoping that Big Elvis would be of this variety (and the more he looked like Father Jack (in that episode of Father Ted where Fathers Dougal, Ted and Jack go to a fancy dress thing as the "three ages of elvis") - then so much the better!

Well. We arrived and got a table. Elvis was playing and so was a video in which Big Elvis himself appeared to being interviewed on CNN about BEING THE SON OF ELVIS! We could hardly contain ourselves!

We waited for a bit (turned out we'd arrived half way through the interval) and were worried that he'd gone the way of Elvis himself and that there would be no Kentucky Rain for us that night... However finally he arrived on stage and WOW - He does exactly what it says on the tin!

I'm not going to avoid the issue and say that he isn't big. Big Elvis certainly is. In fact he had to sit on the stage for most of the act which was a bit of a shame.
But bloody hell! What a voice! It turned out the Elvis music playing before he arrived on stage wasn't Elvis... but Big Elvis himself!

AND he was wearing a sparkly black jumpsuit (although not much jumping was achieved)
AND he took requests!
AND he mopped his brow!
AND he made wee jokes to the crowd!
AND he invited up Michael fae Scotland to dance about with a plastic guitar on stage!

I can't believe how impressed we all were - and I would just like to thank Big Elvis for making our Vegas Elvis experience all it could be!

You can hear him a-humma-hummin' at his web page! BigElvis.biz


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