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The Mrs Baird Special


I really want a curry right now. It put me in mind of the first time I went to my usual takeaway... Definitely nothing special to look at (she said, tactfully avoiding libel), but by god they do a good dahnsak.

Anyway this first time I was there I was reading the menu while I was waiting for my usual. There on the menu sits a curry known as the "Mrs Baird Special."

"Odd" thinks I. I wonder what it was with Mrs Baird?

Well about 2 weeks later I was on holiday in America... and the one that ticked the box saying "Moral Terpitude" explained it to me as she'd been told it!

The story goes that there's this wifie, Mrs Baird, who'd nivver hid a curry afore. Now this one day she thoucht she'd hae a wee lookie in the curry hoose and she ordered the aene that the mannie thoucht she'd be best startin aff wie. Now Mrs Baird came back a few days later and told them "Weeeelll now. It was awwwwfy fine, ken? Bit if I wiz you... I pit in a wee bitty o this and a wee drap o that. And then see fit that tastes like!"

And apparently they did.

And apparently it's awfy fine. So they named it after her.

When I can be bothered going down to my car for the menu I'll come back and write down the description. I like the sound of Mrs Baird. I bet she's an awfy fine wifie...

(I think I'll try it next time. I wonder if it's as good as my mum's curry wi raisins and turnip?)

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