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North-East Yetis

I was reading with great delight in the Fortean Times about a "naked, yeti-like" man that has been spotted near Portsoy.

According to FT 189 (Nov 2004), "A woman motorist spotted a naked, yeti-like man on a quiet tree-lined stretch of the B9022 at Brodiesord, about three miles south of Portsoy in Grampian at 9.30 am on 9 August.

"The man, described as a muscular six-footer in his late 40's with "considerable" body hair, twice walked in front of her car ahs she drove to work and then calmly strolled into the trees and disappeared.

"The woman alerted nearby forestry workers, but despite a search of the woods by them and police officers, who also made enquiries at local farms, no trace of the man was found."

The Press and Journal manages to somehow dull it down a bit. See their report here.

So either we have our very own yeti! Or one of my ex boyfriends has been out on the lash and had problems getting home...

The other famous Scottish yeti is of course The Grey Man of Ben MacDhui. Now before I let you go any further, I must ensure that you're saying it properly.

First tilt your head back ever so slightly and make your eyes all wide. That's it. Then narrow your nostrils as if you were dissaproving of something or smelling a fart... Good. Your lips should be in a straight line or perhaps pursed as if you're about to empart some great knowledge. Well done. Now. Say in an overawed gloomy voice, in an over-the-top scottish accent like Fraser off 'Dad's Army,' : "That'll be THE GRAAAAAAAYY MAN... O' BEN MACDOOOIIIEEEE!"

Well done. Now we can continue.

Ghost-Story.co.uk have a good page on The Graaaaay Man (aka Fear Liath Mor) which will save me going on any more about it. Click here to find out.

If you've had any encounters with big ugly hairy men yourself... Please feel free to let me know, by commenting below!

2 Responses to “North-East Yetis”

  1. # Blogger lost

    Couldn't've been November 2004 quine - that's the future!!! Or perhaps, you've developed a psychic gift!


  2. # Blogger Poz

    *goes and checks*

    Ach bit that's fit it says!

    You know magazines these days... they start selling October's one at the end of september... then their opponent mag starts selling october's one half way though september. so they start selling October's one at the beginning of september! etc

    It's the one with the American Presidents on the front page... Came through the post about June 2003 I think it was... ;)  

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