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Ghosties! And How To Tour Them...

There are many stories in my head about Ghosts in this area... Just don't get me started on Fyvie. I might break into song!

I love going on ghost walks. In fact my friend, Jack, and I went all the way to Edinburgh to go on one! - This is the one we were planning on going on - City of the Dead Tours... which covers the Mackenzie Poltergeist and the Covenanters Graveyard (within Greyfriars).

but sadly when it got to about 6.30pm, it was BUCKETING down! So we decided not to go. The best thing to read about this site is the testimonies from those who have been on the tours - people faint, freak out, get thrown about or sometimes they simply get home and when they remove their clothes, they're covered in inexplicable bruises and scratch marks! You can access the most recent happenings and past incidents here. We went back the next day and got terrified when a tramp came out of a crypt yawning and stretching :P

While we were in Edinburgh, we went to Mary Kings Close - a tour of the old closes that still exist underneath the City Chambers. The most eerie part is definitely when you reach a room which is said to house the ghost of a little girl. She's scared and wants her dolly. So over the past few years, visitors have been leaving her gifts and now there's a whole case of toys for her to choose from. It's pretty eerie!

Back in Aberdeen, we were delighted to find that, finally, some bright sparks at the Telling Tales Theatre Company have started a "Granite City Ghost Tour" - something the city has been crying out for for years!

Edit July 2007: Unfortunately the company closed doors back in 2005, however, there might be a possibility of the Grampian Association of Storytellers starting their own tour in 2008!

We were very impressed with the jumper-ooters and the knowledge of the guide and the range of stories kept us well amused. If their venture is successful, I think they'll be doing tours in summer time - good luck to them! It's worth mentioning that the way the local loonies and drunks were kept at bay was highly amusing... And I'd like to thank the seagull who chose to rip a dead sparrow to bits in front of our very eyes just as we were being told about the live disection of a grave robber!

And that is all for now...

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