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Today's Storytelling Achievements

Wow! What a great day for storytelling. I was off volunteering today at Archaeolink and wow! I am practically hoarse!

First of all there was a(n extended) family that came in. Now, it seems that a few weeks ago, I'd told them The Distressing Tale Of Skvoo The Shrew. A story inspired by a lovely Bavarian lassie called Sabina who spotted a shrew one day and named him "Deathscrew the Shrew" (Don't ask!)

The mum told me the kids were happy to see me and that she'd been woken early one morning with cries that Skvoo The Shrew was running round the house!!! I can't describe enough how delighted I am by this! :) I love it when kids REALLY pay attention...

So I told them The Tale of the Stupid Prince. The Stupid Prince is a character from another story my friends Miss Honey and Dannigan often tell. He turned out to be so obnoxious and hateful that he got his own story.

Then I told Brat And Garat (a tale of Iron Age sacrifice for the morbid kids) and Stanley Robertson's Silly Billy (Roman Style) and the story Nettle Soup (which stars my dad as Ceaoras Dubh Mor!) Then we were INVADED by VIKINGS!!! They demanded my jewels and I said I'd rather die than give them to them. So they settled for a story instead. BUT!!! It had to contain...

a) Poo
b) Pee
c) Blood
d) Guts (or it might have been a goat... I'm not sure)
e) Death

So they got Silly Billy again. THANK YOU STANLEY ROBERTSON!

Then... a reporter came round.
Now... we know our local reporters... The ones from the country papers. They're lovely! They know just what they're after. Facepaints, swords, a bit of fire! They really do turn out better-than-your-average-local-paper local interest stories.

But... This guy was from the People's Friend! What a nice guy! He took some photos... Scribbled down some notes about the iron age (I do tend to rabbit on a bit)... Photographed my Bog Shoes and then took my photo!

So. Does this mean couthy little old ladies (like the wifie that works in the shop in Chewing The Fat) will be reading their People's Friend and coming to Archaeolink for Couthy Chats?

We shall see ;)

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