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And just to round off the evening - another one of my dad's stories :D

Now then... Dad was an apprentice aged about 21 when he was working at a farm with a couple of other joiners.

They were given a room at the top of the farmhouse and told (by the rather moody farmer's wife) that after a (very early) hour that they were to try not to make much noise as the farmer needed his sleep to get up early to feed cows etc.

But of course... having spent the night drinking (fine farm ale) they went up to their room for the night, one of the other joiners needed a pee!

But the stairs were very squeaky and it was a long way downstairs to the outside privy.

So Dad had a bright idea. (As he often does in such stories.) If you unscrew the two bedknobs from the end of the bed, you can then remove the connecting bar and use it to pee out the window into the flower beds.

Well, you know what's coming, don't you? They did this just as the farmer was lighting his last pipe of the night, he got an unintended early shower and a cry went up into the night!


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