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A Summer of Festivals

Just a quick post to say that I have had a wonderful Storytelling Summer!

The first event of the summer was telling Pictish tales at St Ternan's Heritage Fair in Banchory.  We had the run of both the museum and library - which had set up areas cunningly disguised as both a Pictish Fort and an Iron Age Roundhouse.  Banchory and the surrounding area is rich in folklore and legends relating to past kings and saints.

Anna Fancett and Lee Ramsay tell stories in Banchory Library (note the "Make Your Own Hillfort" display on the right - we loved them!)

Next, I was off to Glastonbury via Callanish where we took part in The17 with Bill Drummond, Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice and Avebury Stone Circle the day after that! Glastonbury was almost a rest in comparison!  I met some fantastic people and storytellers and am already looking forward to 2011's trip!

For the first time, I told stories at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival in July and then Wizard Festival in August. 

Finally, I was at Bodgefest at the start of September - organised by the Dunnottar Bodgers and held in Dunnottar woods.  There's some great pics of the event on their site - http://www.dunnottarwoods.org/events/2010/bodgefest+report

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