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What a busy summer this has been!

I've now been back from Glastonbury for a couple of weeks - what a great start to the summer! I was storytelling in the Kidz Field and the Green Futures Field and met some great people. At the Green Futures field I had the privilege of telling with Christine Willison, Anne Lister and Cath Little. I was also given an unexpected slot at the Kidz Field storytelling tent, run by John Row - which I enjoyed thoroughly! Next time, I'm determined to spend more time in the Kidz Field as there's always so much going on...

Here I am storytelling in the Kidz Field - clearly describing a very grumpy character (I don't look like this all the time, honest!)

We took the long way back home to Aberdeen - via Cerne Abbas (to see the Giant), a couple of days relaxing (and washing off the mud!) in Bournemouth, up past Stonehenge to Nottingham, on past Sherwood Forest to Castleford and then a brief stop in Edinburgh before finally reaching home 5 days after we left Glastonbury. All in all, a bit exhausting!

Once home, it was time to research stories from Darwin's Voyage on the Beagle. The Natural History Centre who are based at Aberdeen University's Zoology Department are holding a series of events entitled "Darwin: Discovery, Dinosaurs and Dodos" from Monday 13th July to Friday 31st July in the Duthie Park's Winter Gardens.

The Winter Gardens - perfect space for storytelling!

My first storytelling session was on Wednesday and with the help of Copernicus the Dodo, I had a selection of 28 stories from Darwin's various ports of call, which the audience could choose from. It's a shame the Beagle storytelling project is now over, as I learned a lot of new stories and really became fascinated with Darwin, his voyage and how the ideas of Natural Selection came to him after making this great journey round the world.

Copernicus The Dodo meets some new friends (and you can just tell from the photo I'm going "Awwww"!)

Next Wednesday (the 22nd July), the theme will be "Monsters and Mythological Creatures of Scotland" - I'll be telling some of my favourite stories from 2pm to 4pm - once again in the Winter Gardens. There will be more events ran by the Natural History Centre in November - when Darwin's "Origin of the Species" will be 150 years old. Stay tuned or check their web page for more details!

On the 2nd August, I'll be telling stories at the Burn O'Vat visitors centre. We'll make the short walk from the centre to the Vat itself, where I'll be telling stories related to items the audience have picked up on the way - a great way of hearing the stories in the plants and animals that live around us.

And finally, members of the Grampian Association of Storytellers and Archaeolink Prehistory Park are psyching themselves up for Gadiefest 2009! This will be our first festival of Storytelling and Traditional Arts and it will take place from the evening of Friday 4th September until Sunday 6th September 2009. The web page is still in its very early stages at the moment, but when it's up and running, you'll find all the details, here. As a long-time volunteer at Archaeolink and member of GAS, I'm really excited about the Festival. Hope to see some of you there!

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