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Three Wishes on The Reading Bus

During the past week I was looking for a classic "fool" story to tell at April's First Friday Fling (which I'm just home from!)

In the end I told Silly Jack, but one of the ones I considered was the Three Wishes. You know... man gets 3 wishes. Wishes he has sausages for his tea by mistake. His wife gets on to him for wasting a wish and wishes it was stuck on to his nose and they have to use the last wish wishing it off his nose... Classic story :)

And best of all - I found this animated version of it on The Reading Bus web page:


Read more about the Reading Bus on their web page and enjoy more stories and podcasts recorded by kids from Aberdeen!

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  1. # Blogger Jennifer Taylor

    I hadn't heard that story, but I've heard of other similar wish stories.  

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