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The Burry Man of South Queensferry

A most interesting thing to discuss in the pub! The Burry Man of South Queensferry


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  1. # Blogger lost

    We had one in the Broch in 1870-some!! The fishers revived this old pagan tradition because they were having a poor season. They did it once and it made NAE DIFFERENCE AT AA! So they never bothered again! Methinks if you were the Burry Man you'd be very "tired and emotional" by the end of the day!!!  

  2. # Blogger Poz

    That's brilliant! oh I love that! :D Perhaps we should write a song about it! hehehe :D

    "Oh they covered him up in a' sorts a things!
    "tied bits of sticks tae him wi strings!
    "They hope it'd bring the biggest fish iv 'a!
    "min, it made nae dif'rence at aa, at aa!"


  3. # Blogger lost

    Gee whizz, the woman's a genius!

    Sandy wants to write "Planxty Pie Shop" as he is currently lamenting the loss of a fine bakery in Victoria Road that offered savoury delights to Torryites. I wonder if HE would be to be a Torry Correspondent!!?? :->  

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