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The Northern Lights - AT LAST! :)

Here I go again... getting carried away. This was supposed to be a blog for stories I'd found or had written. Not for my little distractions!

But oooh I'm just so excited! Just to explain - I'm offshore at the moment...
We were just coming up for tea and I was looking for an excuse not to go all the way up the stairs in one go - these ones are STEEP! So we stopped half way and I was asking "What's that rig? Is that a drilling rig? What do you think that is?" and was pointing to the horizon and all the installations you can see on a clear night when it's as dark as it is outside right now!

Then i spotted some faint green streaks. "And what on earth is THAT all about? What's going on there?"
My workmate goes "That... Would be the Northern Lights"

So that was enough to get me bounding up the rest of the stairs so I could get a better look (without some big pipe obscuring my view).

They weren't the most impressive Northern Lights in the world, they were just green and waving about a bit... But bloody hell I was still impressed. "They call them the heavenly dancers..." - they weren't dancing so much as shifting about in their seatsuncomfortably... deciding if they wanted to get up and ask some lass if she fancied a wee dance... but I've finally seen them ! :)

The best bit was when I scared some guy in a boiler suit by all of a sudden bouncing up and down excitedly clapping my hands screaming "I've finally seen them!" I hope the medic doesn't come to me for a mental health check :P

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  1. # Blogger lost

    I hiv seen them an aa', quine, but nae aff an ile rig, it wiz drivin oot by Banchory ae nicht in October twa three 'ears ago. I saw the same as yersel, the flickerin, shiftin green eens, like a curtain bein blaved wi the win'.

    There's stories o them bein the spirits o Inuits playin ice hockey in the Canadian version o them, ye'll hae tae start a new thread on versions o the Northern Lichts tales.

    btw - love yer description, witty or fit??  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This should have gone on the one about your name - in case you were interested, your secret Hobbit name is:

    Lara Boggy-Hillocks

    Have a laugh at others on The Hobbit Name Generator  

  3. # Blogger Poz

    How cool! I have known for a long time that I too am a Boggy Hillocks :)

    So now I want to know who you are Anonymous and how you know i would like hobbitses ! ;)  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ha ha - I knew that would get you guessing - it's ME, Camellia Gamgee-Took of Bywater. (hobbit name)

    You seemed to be a Tolkienesque gal. I have loads more LOTR sites - remind me to post em to you!  

  5. # Blogger Poz

    Fudge! Tis you ! :D Would you believe it took at least three tries before I figured out your secret identity! (Hmmm. Not so secret any more).
    I was most jealous to find my ex flatmate was a Took! pah.  

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